Tuesday, 8 October 2013

The Immortal Fire

So, first up then we have some Rose Prestige Persian Immortals, fresh from the Osprey (perhaps?) MAA 069, plate A2 or something very like it!

As it stands, this unit is a bit of a work in progress - only six figures so far, although there are another ten waiting to be primed and another eight freshly ordered today. At the moment I'm looking at them being something like a ceremonial guard until the unit is really complete.

Quite a good pension plan, I hear..?
They are lovely figures and very easy to paint. They also come very clean from Garrison's dark and satanic spin-caster. Just a quick few passes of the file and they were ready to go. As you can see they are on my standard 40x40mm Renedra bases which I am going through like a fat man with a bag of chips just now.


  1. Another really nice figure with a very attractive painting style that just suits them.

  2. Heavens, in that case I'll paint up the remaining ten in the pile next. I decided not to bother with the seperate shields, though. One less thing to have to glue back on over and over again down through the years.