Friday, 11 October 2013

Medes, Medes, Medes

The Mede Horde

I have in my brief career as an Ancients wargamer done little other than buy up other people's collections of toy soldiers. Apart from knowing exactly how things are going to turn out, you are pretty well ready to go in quite a short space of time, which helps keep the enthusiasm for a project high.

This is I think a good thing, but it has not stopped me from applying paint to toy soldiers here and there. So, here and for your delectation I present a small horde of Medes. Currently forty-strong, I built them when I was expecting to be doing this size of unit for all of my Persians (in contrast to 24-strong Greek units). Now I'm looking more at 24-figures in general, so I've bought another eight so I can split the unit in two.

Twenty-four figures per unit strikes me more and more as the "Goldilocks" size for a unit in the kind of game I am envisioning. Not so big it takes a lifetime to create, not so small on the table as to be derisory.

Besides, I can always build the buggers up to 40 figures each at some time in the future.


  1. Any chance of a follower thingie we can click on rather than following by email? Thanks in anticipation.

    1. If I can find the wretched thing in the template settings. Any pointers?

  2. Are you asking us to do something with our fingers?

    Very uniformish barbarians but nicely done for all that. I agree on the 24's and could mention that the Greeks and Persians both seem to have gone for roughly 1,000 man units. btw rules review begins this week.