Sunday, 13 October 2013

Minoan Madness

Improbably well-hung Libyan javelineers in man-kinis
Yet more Rose Presitge figures. The shield I gave the leader has a cow-hide pattern to try and tie him in with the Minoans he is nominally supporting.
More or less how I want the Phalanx to look
This is more or less how I'm expecting my Mycenean/Minoan Phalanxes to look. Eureka did a very limited range of four spearmen and a chariot, but i always like a challenge and I'm going to have a go at producing viable and visually fairly unified armied fromthis and a couple of other compatible ranges.

More Eurekas - bits and bobs

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  1. Minoan wonderfulness more like - great figures who look like they mean business...