Sunday, 13 October 2013

Rospak Hoplites

In Reserve

Always ready to do their bit are the Rospak hoplite brigade.

I was very pleased to acquire these; they are simply delightful figures and as far as I am concerned would give any of the modern plastics a good run for their money. I love the paint-jobs Ross gave them and they will always form the core of my Greek forces.

I've done little to these except re-glue the odd shield onto those to whom the postal service was unkind on their long voyage from Canada and add new spears to those in the time-honoured "in reserve" position. A gentle wash in clean water with an old stiff paint brush to take away the dust of ages was followed by a blast of gloss varnish from the spray can after they'd dried off. You'd not believe it, but they were as bright and shiny as you could possibly hope for.

If anyone some more anywhere (no, really, anywhere), my wallet is always open.


  1. They look like its 1982 again, Does the heart good.

    1. Nothing like gloss spray varnish to make everything that's old new again.